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This intimate residence allows you to deeply connect with the abundant nature of Huatulco, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.
ALMA is a special place that transforms every moment into a treasured memory in the making.


Embrace the allure of ALMA, a haven where architectural brilliance intertwines seamlessly with the breathtaking landscapes of Huatulco, presented by Luxx Life Global. This exceptional development is a synthesis of investment potential and refined living, gracing the Oaxacan coast with its presence.


  • Uniquely crafted by visionary architects

  • Surrounded by pristine and protected national parks

  • A state-of-the-art gym, a space for physical rejuvenation

  • Expansive ocean panoramas, a visual symphony of nature

  • Invigorating swimming pools, inviting you for a refreshing dip

  • An array of Condominiums & Villas, each telling a unique story

  • An array of Condominiums & Villas, each telling a unique story

  • A haven of privacy, allowing you to retreat into your own sanctuary

  • Exclusive perks like private transportation and a devoted concierge

  • Convenient covered parking & direct vehicle access, ensuring seamless mobility.

  • A wellness oasis offering indulgent massages, a serene sauna, and a bracing cold plunge

ALMA is meticulously designed, a timeless retreat harmonizing modern Mexican architecture with the natural splendors enveloping it. As Huatulco's real estate demand surges, ALMA's commitment to sustainability, low density, and innovative architecture makes it a strategic choice for both immediate and enduring value.

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